Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps:
Pricing, Bonuses, & Information

Our 3 1/2 Day Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp is $245.00 Per Player Based On A 24-Player Minimum.

Excitingly, we include over $8,350.00 in Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp bonuses as follows:

Volleyball1on1 Branded High Quality Outdoor Ball.
(Valued @ $34.95)

Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp players will receive a Volleyball1on1 “What Great Looks Like!” ® branded outdoor hi-quality volleyball which is very similar to the AVP Wilson 4308, the most popular outdoor volleyball in the United States.

Our players tell us they love this ball and we find having their own Volleyball1on1 branded volleyball from their Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week helps players build a love for the sport of volleyball.


Volleyball1on1.com's Volleyball Video Coaching Library.
(Valued @ $149.00 Per 6-Month Subscription)

Volleyball1on1.com is the first volleyball video coaching web site online (since 2009) and features the top names in the sport of volleyball from Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA MVP’s, AVP, and FIVB winners with their extensive 2500+ video library of indoor and outdoor beach content designed for both coaches and players.

During your summer camp week, you will receive some of the most effective and modern science of coaching and playing volleyball tools from the players and coaches filmed for Volleyball1on1.com. Included in our “What Great Looks Like!” system you receive during camp week are: tips, techniques, tools, exercises, drills, practice plans, and coaching philosophies utilized by the best coaches and players in the world.

Additionally, all players, coaches, and players parents who attend a Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp will receive a bonus 6-month membership to Volleyball1on1 to support them throughout their high school season.

Three “What Great Looks Like!” ®: Playing Standard, Coaching Standard, and Winning Culture Poster Sets.
(Valued @ $197.00)

You will receive three Volleyball1on1 “What Great Look’s Like!” ® Poster Sets (Large Size: 27” x 39” Per Poster).

Your “What Great Look’s Like!” ® Poster Sets will help reinforce during your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week and ongoing into your season our “What Great Look’s Like!: Playing Standard, Coaching Standard, and Winning Culture.

The process of going from “Good” to “Great” as a program is no accident.

At Volleyball1on1 we believe many programs have gone from “Good” to “Great” by following a simple 6-step formula for achieving these results.

At your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week you will learn step-by-step how to turn your program from good into “What Great Looks Like!” ® with our Volleyball1on1 repeatable superior coaching systems.  

GREATNESS will apply in the wins and losses.

In addition, it will help you develop players / people of character in your program which we define as “Whole Person Growth” and “It’s Bigger Than Volleyball” ™.

You too will learn how to develop with our “What Great Look’s Like!” system excellent communicative, goal-setting, self-directed, critical thinking lifelong learners who thrive in competition and under pressure, who know how to work as individuals and / or with a team as a member or a leader while being fair and considering others.

Further, you and your staff will learn 7 techniques at your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week to make the ball go in “slow motion” and how to provide these techniques successfully to your players.

You will receive in your “What Great Looks Like!” poster training sets, three Vision Training Posters to help teach your players to improve their ability to “Read The Game,” “Slow Down The Ball & Game”, and “Deal With Pressure”.

Complimentary Middle School Youth Clinic / High School Team Fundraiser.
(Valued @ $500.00)

Volleyball1on1 also offers a complimentary fundraising middle school clinic during your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week. This 90-minute clinic is normally offered after a normal camp day from 5.00 – 6.30 pm.

We suggest you open it to all middle school players as it can be used as a bridge to build better relationships with local middle school coaches, players, and parents.

Volleyball1on1 offers prizes and create a fun environment where players will build a lifetime love for the sport of volleyball.

This event can also be used as a fundraiser, in which all proceeds – ranging from $500-$1,000 – can be kept by the host coach and school.

Complimentary Evening High School Coaches Clinic.
(Valued @ $850.00)

During your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week we offer a complimentary evening 2 1/2 hour coaching clinic for you and your staff. In addition, you and your staff will each receive a copy of our extensive 350-page Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual. (Valued @ 497.00)

This evening coaches clinic training helps you and your staff take the next step in reaching your coaching potential. This clinic is in addition to the training your and your staff will receive throughout the Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp.

Head High School Volleyball Coaches may choose to open-up their Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic during their Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week by inviting other local high school coaches and also middle school coaches to attend their coaches clinic. Please note, outside high school and middle school coaches are welcome to attend your Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic. However, Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals are only available for you and your staff running a Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp.

Our coaches clinic is an excellent way to educate your local middle schools, thereby improving the feeder programs and growing the game.

Click Here to see a full description of the Volleyball1on1 coaches clinic format and content.


Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual.
(Valued @ $497.00 Per Manual)

Head High School Coaches and their staff receive a 350-page in-depth color Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual (Valued @ $497.00) that is a fully comprehensive modern guide with proven superior coaching systems tailored for high school coaches to launch themselves, their coaching, and their program to new heights.

During your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week we cover: helping high school coaches build their culture & program, the ongoing management, “What Great Looks Like!” ®, “Superior Coaching Systems” ™, “It’s Bigger Than Volleyball System” ™, and much more.



30 Full Practice Plans. (Included In Your Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual)

At Volleyball1on1 we believe the ability to plan an effective practice is one of the most important skills in coaching.

An effective practice maximizes repetition while placing the players in competitive, game-like situations where coaches can offer advice and feedback.

Volleyball1on1 includes in their Volleyball1on1 Coaches Manual 30 full practice plans to build your team, teach players vital life lessons, and create time for players to have fun at practice enjoying time with their friends.

These practices are organized chronologically based upon skill importance and team needs.

At your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week we review with you the practice planning schedule using these 30 practices.

Video Analysis - High School Match Review.
(Valued @ $297.00)

Post Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp, we will provide you a video match analysis review which has resulted on average a difference of 3-5 points per set. (Valued at $297.00)

Over the course of the season, these numbers can have a big impact. Our video analysis covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • “What Great Looks Like” ®: Coaching Standard, Playing Standard, & Winning Culture.
  • General technique errors as a team and individually.
  • Team passing design by rotation and individual player skills.
  • Serve strategy based upon players’ skills.
  • Team offense and defense by design by rotation.
  • Team defense design by rotation.
  • We teach coaches how to most effectively scout opponents and make subsequent adjustments.
  • Practice priority list based upon team and individual player needs.
  • Advice on coaching demeanor on the sideline.
  • Advice on managing your staff during matches.
  • Advice on team energy.
  • Advice on set tempo and set distribution and more…..

Additional Fees:
1) One-time $125.00 flat fee for all product packing, handling, shipping – Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals, “What Great Looks Like!” Poster Sets, and Volleyball1on1 branded beach volleyballs.

2) One-time $145.00 flat transport fee for coaches, which may include: gas, car rental, airfare etc.

3) If your location is more than 200 miles from a major city, you will be responsible for a $250.00 remote destination fee.


You are responsible for providing lodging and food for your Volleyball1on1 Coaches via a host family of a player on your team. Alternatively, hotel accommodations. As a rule to set you up for your best Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp week success, it is best your Volleyball1on1 Coaches do not house with you as the Head Coach. Our summer camp curriculum is intensive. Having a rest / break after summer camp hours is important for both you and your Volleyball1on1 coaches.

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