Volleyball1on1 Camp Pricing

3 Day Camp – $200 / Player          4 Day Camp – $220 / Player          6 Day Camp – $350 / Player


All camps have a 28-player minimum, unless your school only has one court or your school size is exceptionally small.

Small schools / camps have a 17-player minimum. One-court Camps (Small schools) pricing is:
3 Day Camp – $220, 4 Day Camp – $235.

All camp costs include instructors, camp materials, camp bonuses and travel cost for our instructors in getting to your camp location. We ask that you provide lodging and food for our instructors. If you would like us to provide lodging and food, please add an additional $75 to the cost per camp attendee.

*Please note, the total price per athlete may vary from camp to camp if the school and/or host coach has additional costs to cover (gym fees, etc.). We strongly encourage all camp hosts to communicate added camp fees to parents well ahead of time.
** Camps in Alaska / Hawaii – May require an additional $50 per player based upon travel cost and the number of coaches.
*** Camps in hard to reach or remote locations may require an additional fee for ground transportation from the airport. We will review all costs before confirmation.
**** Camps with Andor Gyulai coaching personally may need additional requirements – Ask for details.
***** 6-Day camps only allow for a limited number of participants from each school. The typical maximum is five to eight players per school.
****** We charge $5 / ball, $10 / shirt for camps starting in 2018. Also a $95 / camp shipment fee.

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If you are interested in more information, we welcome scheduling a call to speak with you directly to learn more about your needs, provide you with more detailed information regarding the camp and answer any questions you may have to ensure this camp is a great fit for your needs at this time.

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