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This beach volleyball and sand drill focuses on passing a ball followed by the technique for a volleyball approach and spike. A few things to consider…

– Slow to fast
– Open up to the ball
– Contact the ball on your right shoulder

These are just a few of the things your will hear and learn from Tom in this informative series of videos.


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Pass & Approach Drill Video 1 – Players receiving the ball run a normal offense while the servers just send the ball over. Coaches toss in a second ball to the servers who send it over on each wave.

Pass & Approach Drill Video 2 – Tom’s coaching calls are for the angle to take on the approach so the hitter is open to the ball.


Pass & Approach Drill Video 3 – Tom emphasizes to keep the ball on the hitting shoulder, then asks the players how then can correct their mistakes.

Pass & Approach Drill Video 4 – Players switch to the opposite side for the wind.


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