Why Is Your Program Not Great?

In our experience coaches with poor results and weak programs ignore the facts of why they are not good and struggle to take extreme ownership for their teams results. These coaches are not disciplined in their thoughts. They have developed bad habits which include blaming others for their circumstances and poor results. They also do not understand the powerful HEDGEHOG CONCEPT and how to apply it to their program.

Do You Take Extreme Ownership?

The fact of the matter is your team is not good for a reason. Most bad coaches not only do not confront the brutal facts they also blame others for the problems. The most common excuse we hear from coaches who are not achieving the results they would like is, “This generation of players is not motivated and their parents baby them!” At Volleyball1on1 we believe this generation is very motivated, but the root problem for these struggling coaches is that they do not have the tools or training in how to motivate this generation. Since these coaches do not confront the brutal facts and take extreme ownership for their results, they do not believe it is under their control to fix it.

In fact, this generation and their parents are very motivated and easy to work with if you use the right tools and systems. The same is true for every problem. Every problem has a solution as long as you confront the problem and take ownership for it. This is the biggest difference between coaches and programs who have poor results or great results.

Can You Flourish By Applying “Disciplined Thought” As A Coach?

Are you a hedgehog or a fox? In his famous essay “The Hedgehog and the Fox,” Isaiah Berlin divided the world into hedgehogs and foxes, based upon an
ancient Greek parable: “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.”  In his book Good To Great, best-selling business author Jim Collins described The Hedgehog Concept” as a simple, crystalline concept for success that flows from the deep understanding about the intersection of three important circles with three important questions, which are:
1) What you can be the best in the world at?
2) What you are deeply passionate about?
3) What best drives your economic or resource engine?

Successful volleyball coaches know the “one big thing” that drives their programs success and stay focused on that. At Volleyball1on1 our “one big thing” where these three circles meet is call our What Great Looks Like! ®: Coaching Standard, Playing Standard, and Winning Team Culture. Transformations from “good to great” come about by a series of good decisions made consistently with “The Hedgehog Concept”, supremely well executed, accumulating one upon another, over a long period of time.

Programs who successfully confront the brutal facts, and then successfully apply our What Great Looks Like! ® Hedgehog Concept move their programs quickly from “buildup to breakthrough” and from “bad to good”, or “good to great”, or “great to unstoppable” year after year.

Volleyball1on1 Is The Leading Innovator In USA Youth Volleyball Coaching

Live Your Purpose! Volleyball1on1 Can Help. We offer solutions to fit your time, your lifestyle, and your budget. We have coaching tools and systems that work because they deal with the psychology of coaching and successfully working with this generation of players and parents. Our systems are scalable, meaning they can be used across your entire program as a High School Varsity Head Coach and Club Director. Most importantly our systems help coaches take back their life by helping them work less, more efficiently, and while having a greater impact on the players they coach. Giving them a clear system with tools to leave a legacy in their communities for generations to come, because we at Volleyball1on1 deeply believe “It’s Bigger Than Volleyball!” ®.


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