How to Block a Volleyball, Indoor Techniques

Hi, I’m Mike Diehl, fifteen year indoor volleyball pro including three time league MVP, league kill leader and league ace leader. Also Bud 4-man beach tour MVP, kill leader and NCAA Champion at UCLA. Today I am going to share the secrets on how to block a volleyball in the outside positions of two and four.


Volleyball Drills for Outside Hitters: Back Row Attacks with Reach and Snap

This drill for volleyball can be used to improve all of your hitters contact point focusing them to reach high and snap on the ball when spiking. Also great for back row attacks and ball control.

Skill Level: This drill for volleyball can be used for intermediate to advanced skill level.

# Players: This drill is designed for 1-8 players. A variation of the drill can include blockers, defense and offensive covering.


AVP History and its Impact on Beach Volleyball

Volleyball History and the Impact of AVP History on Beach Volleyball
AVP History reads like a movie script with hero’s and villains, here is a brief account on its impact on beach volleyball history. The AVP Pro Beach Volleyball Tour is the longest running professional beach volleyball league in the world.


Sinjin Smith, Beach Volleyballs Greatest Ambassador

injin Smith, One of Beach Volleyball’s Best Players, But by Far Its Greatest Ambassador

Sinjin Smith is known by many as one of the greatest beach volleyball players in the history of the sport. From the 1980’s to early 1990’s Sinjin Smith and his partner Randy Stoklos were the most dominant team in beach volleyball history.


The History of Volleyball Globally for Indoor and Beach Volleyball

A Short Written History of Volleyball in the US and Globally

William G Morgan in 1895 invented the sport of volleyball while working in Springfield Massachusetts. He was the YMCA Physical Education director and was intrigued by the sport of basketball which was invented less than 10 miles away and less than 4 year earlier.


Kent Steffes – The Greatest Beach Volleyball Player Ever (Male)

Kent Steffes – The Greatest Volleyball Player Ever. If you had to ask any volleyball fan who is the greatest male player to ever play the game most would say Karch Kiraly. I would argue that he was the best indoor and outdoor player to play the game but Kent Steffes was the greatest player to play beach Volleyball period.


Volleyball Core and Ab Drills 2

Below are the next 4 Volleyball Core and Ab Drills.

The 4 Drills Include:

Bicycle Extensions
Hip Cycles
Feet Pass
Ab Hugs



Volleyball Core and Ab Drills 1

Below are 10 Volleyball Core and Ab Drills.

The 10 Drills Include:

Single Arm Single Leg Plank
Left Side Plank
Right Side Plank
Roll Up Stretch
Single Leg Roll Up
Reverse Crunch
Leg Raises
Circle Raises
Knee Ins