Squat Thrust

Squat Thrust are a great dynamic warm-up drill to get the body ready for action. Additionally this drill is good for volleyball strength and conditioning.



One Legged Superman

One Legged Superman workout or volleyball drill is a great all round drill to build body strength and balance. This drill will work all areas of your legs plus your critical core and abs.


Standing Cycles

Standing Cycles volleyball drill is another great dynamic warm-up drill to help warm-up volleyball players. This drill focuses on abs, core, gluts, hamstrings, quads and calves. Additionally it will improve your players balance on and off the court.



Standing Kick Backs

Standing kick backs drill is great for training your calves, gluts, quads and hamstrings. Additionally athletes will work their core and abs during this exercise. This is another dynamic warm-up drill that has been found useful in preventing injury and getting athletes ready for performance in practice and match situations.


Leg Holds

Leg Holds are a important dynamic volleyball workout drill that will get you warm and ready for practice. They are easy to do and can be done with athletes of all ages and experience levels.
Like all dynamic warm-ups this drill will:
• Increase heart rate to get the blood pumping through the body and warm up the muscles.


Over Under Volleyball Drill

The “Over / Unders” dynamic volleyball warm-up drill is a great drill to warm up and stretch multiple muscles before playing or training! What I like about this volleyball drill is it is very volleyball specific and fire many key muscles used in passing, defense, agility and movement on the court.


Shin Holds

Shin Holds – This is a great dynamic volleyball warmup drill that will stretch your muscles and get you ready for your workout or practice.
A dynamic warm-up for Volleyball is one that challenges every part of your body that you use while playing the game. A dynamic warm-up coordinates all of your moving parts—muscles, ligaments.


AAU Junior National Championships

On the Saturday and Sunday of July 14th and 15th, I helped film some new footage for our website here at Volleyball1on1 at the pier in Hermosa Beach. Incidentally, our filming session happened to overlap the Amateur Athletic Union’s (AAU for short) annual Junior’s Beach National Championships that were also taking place in Hermosa Beach.


Review of Dana Camacho’s Skyball Video

Volleyball1on1 just released their latest videos featuring Dana Camacho. There is so much valuable information that Dana shares with subscribers, but the true gem is understanding how Dana “The Skyball King” Camacho has perfected his unique skyball serve. As a relatively new beach volleyball player I have tried serving skyballs a little bit.


Start to the 2012 NVL Tournament Season

One week ago was the start to a 2012 beach volleyball season for a newly found tour, The NVL. Their first event of 2012 was coupled with the Preakness Horse Race in Baltimore, MD in the hopes that people going for the races might stop and catch some volleyball also.