Andor Gyulai and Vanessa Summers-Gyulai launched in 2009. They have been business and life partners since first meeting 17 years ago and happily married for over 13 years.

Volleyball1on1 is the first ever to offer High School Summer Volleyball Coaches Camps ™. Together, Andor and Vanessa invite High School Varsity Head Coaches to benefit from their acclaimed Volleyball1on1 “Franchise Like” Superior Coaching Systems (Endorsed by the #1 Volleyball Coaching Association In The World, the AVCA) through their High School Volleyball1on1 Summer Coaches Camps And Players Camps.

Andor and Vanessa enjoy parenting their three amazing kids: Thor (12), Veda (8), and Charlie (3) along with exploring delicious dining, fitness, healthy living, beach volleyball, and other fun activities as a couple and family.

High School Volleyball1on1 Summer Coaches Camps And Players Camps:
Volleyball1on1 is the first ever to offer High School Summer Volleyball Coaches Camps ™. High School Varsity Head Coaches and their staff receive extensive coaches training alongside our players camps with our “Franchise Like” Superior Coaching Systems.

Volleyball1on1 is also the only camp program that offers an entire system from how teams play on the court, to a clearly defined Team Culture, Coaching Standard, and Winning Playing Standard.
The result: Our Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps help High School Varsity Head Coaches and their programs develop excellent communicative, goal-setting, self-directed, critical thinking lifelong learners whothrive in competition and under pressure, who know how to work as individuals and or with a team as a member or aleader while being fair and considering others.

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Volleyball1on1 Superior Coaching Systems ™ include:
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 Andor Gyulai is a pioneer in the sport of volleyball. His legacy as an expert volleyball coach includes over 50,000 hours and 27 years of coaching experience along with launching with his business partner / wife Vanessa Summers in 2009 the first ever volleyball video coaching web site in the world. features the top names in the sport of volleyball from Olympic Gold Medalists, NCAA MVP’s, AVP, and FIVB winners with their extensive 3000+ video library of indoor and outdoor beach content with the best coaches and players in the world sharing their insider tips, techniques, and winning strategies. A few of the top volleyball coaches Andor has worked with for include: Al Scates, Alan Knipe, Bill Ferguson, Brian Gimmillaro, Gary Sato, and Sinjin Smith.

Andor is also the most popular You Tube volleyball coach in the world on “Volleyball Spiking Technique” with over 2,500,000 million views of his instructional video:

Vanessa Summers-Gyulai is author of three financial books, “The Girl’s Guide to Money & Investing”, “Buying Solo – The Single Woman’s Guide to Buying a Home”, “The Yoga of Money”. She has been profiled on television shows, such as NBC, CBS, Fox, and CNBC.

Vanessa is also former Registered Investment Advisor and is recognized for identifying timely investment and strategic opportunities, translating complex issues into simple, actionable and successful strategies, building consensus, and working collaboratively to deliver great results. Vanessa consistently surpasses challenging financial, business, and investment objectives while exceeding client expectations. Repeat and referral business have been a cornerstone of her overall ongoing success.

Prior to launching Volleyball1on1 in 2009, Vanessa along with Andor ran a Los Angeles based multi-million dollar business seminar company with Jairek Robbins, son of the mega motivational speaker Tony Robbins (Coach / Advisor To Bill Clinton, Oprah, Mother Theresa).

Vanessa began her career in finance in her 20’s in Hong Kong as a stockbroker trading millions of dollars a day in Southeast Asian equity for US funds such as: Soros, Fidelity, and T. Rowe Price. Vanessa’s journey has been filled with many significant achievements: from a top ranked teen tennis star in Florida competing against Jennifer Capriatti and Mary Jo Fernandez, to hi-fashion model in Paris and New York alongside Charlize Theron and Tyra Banks.