We are excited to work with you at your upcoming 2018 Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp and / or Club Clinic. To help us provide you with a great camp experience, please complete the below questionnaire and return 30-days or sooner prior to your summer camp / club clinic start date. Please keep in mind we understand dynamics change as coaching and teams evolve. We ask you do your best to answer the questions below.

  • Our coaches use dry-erase whiteboards extensively during camp. It is important to plan for a white board in the gym.
  • Music is played throughout the camp to build energy and help create an environment conducive to coaching. A loud bluetooth speaker is needed for each gym. Our coaches will review playlist and have playlist for camp.
  • "What Great Looks Like!" Posters are used extensively during and post camps / coaching clinics. Mounted white PVC Board is best in a large 24 by 36 poster format. (Ideally one set of posters per court!)
  • How many high school or club coaching staff will be attending the camp?
  • How many courts at your facility?
  • Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary middle school clinic. This clinic can be used as a fundraiser and / or to build relations and train your local middle school players and coaches.
  • Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary coaches clinic. This clinic can be used to train your coaches, your club coaching staff, middle school coaches, and parents.
  • Our goal is to help you feel confident as a coach. We can focus more attention camp week on topics you need help learning. Examples: Training Setters, Reading, Spiking, Blocking...
  • Is there anything we should ask or know?