Parent FAQ

Camp Curriculum

During camp week, our goal is to teach players 70-80% of what they will need to know for their high school season. All schools who work with Volleyball1on1 gain a significant advantage in that their players are primed and prepared to compete as soon as the camp week is finished, if not before! Our camps are fast-paced, team-oriented and educational while still offering players quality individual touches.

Players will leave equipped with a strong foundation in each volleyball skill, and particularly spiking. At Volleyball1on1, we believe in the Chinese proverb: “I hear, I forget; I see, I remember; I do, understand.” Players will not only learn and see, but receive a high number of quality touches implementing each skill, most of which will occur in a game-like environment. Volleyball1on1 instructors will also be sharing cutting-edge information used by the best players and coaches in the world. These topics include: How to better “read the game,” how to “slow the ball down” and how to “slow the game down.”

Important aspects of the school or club’s team culture and chemistry will also be established at this camp.

Life-changing skills and lessons reviewed in the camp include:

  • How to become more efficient learners
  • How to improve focus and vision
  • How to lead a team and work better as a team
  • Strategies for managing pressure
  • Why competition is important and how to improve in a competitive setting
  • How to set goals for long term success
  • How to become a better leader
  • Improving social skills
  • The growth mindset

The result: We strive to develop excellent communicative, goal-setting, self-directed, critical thinking lifelong learners who thrive in competition and under pressure, who know how to work as individuals and as a member of a team.

High School Staff Training

These camps are not only an opportunity for players to improve – this is also an investment in the coaching staff, who will receive intense training on how to improve as a coach. This includes Volleyball1on1 training during camp, access to the Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals and systems, Volleyball1on1 Practice Plans and Systems, Volleyball1on1 Coaching Clinic and ongoing video analysis and consulting during the course of the season. Read More… 

Camp Contact

Your Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp contact/coordinator is typically the high school head coach. It is also possible that a booster club president or volunteer parent will handle the local camp coordinating duties. It is important to note that Volleyball1on1 is not your primary point of contact. Once a coach registers to host a Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp at their school or facility, they are responsible for contacting all parents with camp details. If you have specific questions about camp, please contact your camp coordinator directly.

Camp Finances

In most situations, parents will pay the camp coordinator, school, or booster club directly. Please contact your head coach or camp coordinator for payment information.

What to Bring

Athletes should arrive at camp dressed in typical volleyball apparel (athletic shoes, knee-pads, spandex/shorts, shirt). We also recommend that athletes bring water and sports drinks to camp. In most cases, lunch is not provided. Please check with your camp coordinator to confirm lunch plans.

Players should also plan on bringing snacks. We typically have two snack breaks, which are typically held at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm.


For safety, we encourage all campers to wear ankle braces and knee-pads to help avoid injury. Also, players and parents should let your Volleyball1on1 instructors know of all and any ongoing injuries.

Start Time

It’s very important that we start camp on time. Typical start time is 8 am. This means that we want to be playing volleyball at 8, not begin stretching at 8. Please have your child to camp at least 15 minutes early.

Setters will also be required to come 15-30 minutes earlier and stay later most days. Please plan accordingly.

Complimentary Volleyball1on1 Membership

All camp attendees will receive a six-month video tutorial subscription membership valued at $149.00. Volleyball1on1 offers more than 2,500 videos, featuring instruction with some of the best players and coaches in the world. Topics range from how to improve specific skills such as spiking and setting to how to move more effectively and how to physically train for volleyball.

The Volleyball1on1 membership also works synergistically with the Volleyball1on1 Summer Camp, as players can review every topic discussed in the camp. The website also features the ability for players to ask questions through the site for added support.

Complimentary Volleyball1on1 Camp Ball

All camp attendees will receive a Volleyball1on1 branded volleyball, valued at $34.95. This ball is perfect for both outdoor use and at home and is similar to the top beach ball on the market. Our goal of giving this ball to the players is that they will develop a lifetime love for the sport of volleyball and will continue playing beach and outdoor volleyball long after they graduate high school and college.

Parent Camp Attendance

Parents are allowed to watch the camp, however it is not encouraged that they stay for long periods of time. We find that players get distracted and this interferes with the team-building aspects of the camp. In most cases, we do encourage parents to stay for the first 15- 20 minutes and arrive early to pick your kids up so that you can get a taste of what we are teaching in the camp.

For players and parents not from the host high school, we encourage you to drop your kid off and leave on the first day. “Burn the ships” is the analogy we use, and we find that players better acclimate to the group.


The Volleyball1on1 staff is extremely accessible and will do their best to answer all questions parents or players have. Our only request is to please be conscious of others and not disturb the camp flow.

6 Day Camp Attendees

Volleyball1on1 offers a 6-day camp, although as space is limited, it is invite-only. For more details of the 6 day camp please Click Here!