Tri-Angle Warm Up Beach Volleyball Drill, Focus on Setting with Anjinho Bacil

This video features Anjinho Bacil running the Tri-Angle Warm Up Beach Volleyball Drill. This is a powerful video as he runs the players through the most commonly used drill in beach volleyball. Viewers will learn how Anjinho coaches: Player spacing between partners, approach and footwork for beach volleyball setting, passing location based upon where the ball is served, how players can simplify the game, plus more…

Anjinho Bacil Volleyball – Beach Volleyball Practice and Drills

His full name is Eduardo Jorge Bacil Filho, and is nicknamed Anjinho, which means “Little Angel” in Portuguese. He is a native of Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Anjinho was the first foreign player to win on the AVP. Anjinho and his partner at the time Jose Loyola stun the volleyball world with the win and ushered in a new powerhouse and style of volleyball, Bazillion Beach Volleyball.