Jim Brake

Andor – thank you so much for your great feedback on my son’s game video. You gave him some great input and the instructional video links from Volleyball 1on1 that you provided were really helpful, as well. He has already incorporated your techniques to build arm/shoulder strength and speed to make him a better hitter.…

Jon Farr

It has been great and I appreciate the abundance of videos. As a novice player I learned a lot of useful things that I didn’t really pay attention to before to take my game to the next level.

Lauri Hilliaho

I am a beginning amateur player who wanted to get some tips on technique and something to practice on. I was particularly happy to watch Gimmillaro’s long videos – they were of great help!

Deanna Morris

Volleyball1on1 is very helpful and informative. I am a high school coach and I truly used a lot of drills, practice plans, and conditioning for my team and I appreciate your website very much.

Tom Bayer

My daughter uses it as she plays at a high level. She often views content after practice when she is struggling with an area or has difficulty understanding her coach. Sometimes a different medium can help get the new skill across. She finds the site useful and helpful.

Mary Smith

I’m working with my college team and coaches and have been showing the kids a video in between drills. We have been teaching our summer strength work with Seth’s band work videos. This spring season I changed the way we hit.

Steven Lam

Great job on the site. I’ve coached now for 14 years and have had my eyes opened, almost revelation type stuff. I have been on your site for about 6 hrs a day and can’t get enough. Great work.

Wanda Guenette

Your site is invaluable to me. Especially being a beach volleyball coach. I’ve worked with Steve Anderson and now have all this knowledge at my finger tips. Thank you so much. Please keep up the fabulous work.

Stein Metzger

Having quality information flowing into your brain translates into taking purposeful action in training and competition, the more you hear what a top player or coach is telling you, the more you’ll be able to incorporate their wisdom into your game and eventually you can even hear the advice in your head and make self-corrections…

Gold Medalist Volleyball Video Instructor Eric Fonoimoana

Eric Fonoimoana

Video instruction simplifies and breaks down the game of volleyball making it easy to grasp the fundamentals, improve skills and follow along. My video instruction on volleyball1on1 makes it easy for anyone with an internet connection and a desire to improve their game to find out the secrets I used to help me play my…

Gary Sato D.C.

Volleyball1on1.com is the best solution to all of your volleyball questions from A to Z. Parents, players, coaches or fans Volleyball1on1.com can help take you to the next level including drills, scholarship information, lessons, equipment, everything at your fingertips.

Kathy-DeBoer -Executive Director of the AVCA.org

Kathy DeBoer

“Thanks for putting these together. With lots of court coaches and players experimenting with beach/sand VB for the first time, this type of information is invaluable to the community.”

Rudy Dvorak

Rudy Dvorak

My 15 year old daughter and I get a lot from the great videos. It gives her a different perspective than just from her fat old dad. Hats off to your great service. Thanks!