Bill Ferguson Volleyball Coaching Conversations from the Office 1

This next series of videos features an intimate conversation with Bill Ferguson about the practice, the drills, his coaching philosophy and more. This series gives you an insider, in depth look at Bill as a coach as well as the USC volleyball program.

Individual Videos for Conversations from the Office 1 are as follows:

Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Warm Up
Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Coaching Philosophy
Bill Ferguson – Conversations from the Office, Coaching Influences


Bill Ferguson USC Volleyball Practice Summary

This is the end of the USC practice videos. In this video Bill talks to his team about goals and how the team did in practice towards those goals. He also discusses areas that need improvement and areas where the team and players did well.


Bill Ferguson in Practice Serving Drill

Bill Ferguson Practice Serving Drill is a simple and great drill that highlights Bill’s goals of serving tough. The drill starts with two minutes of warmup serving followed by two minutes of deliberate serving where the players are serving a specific area. – Notice also the serving is done in the middle of practice, this is discussed in the video


Bill Ferguson USC running STD Volleyball Drill

STD Volleyball Drill – “Super Technical Drill” is a great drill to help area 2 and 4 hitters as well as blocking in area 2 and 4. The drill basically forces the ball to the outside where the outside hitters can only hit line or angle. This forces the hitter to improve spiking shots as they are now forced to work on all their shots.