Volleyball Passing Form

03 Feb

volleyball passing formWell crafted volleyball passing form is fundamental. You want to be abe to control where the ball is going and also be able to effectively direct it to where it needs to be, and both of these abilities come only through the use of effective passing drills.

Hi, I am Anthony Medel and I am excited to be introducing myself to all of you here at Volleyball1on1.com. Today I thought I would go back to the basics and show you a great drill to work on your volleyball passing form and some good techniques for passing on the beach. This drill can be done with 2 players but works best with 3 to 4.

Why I like it is it forces you to concentrate on good form and technique as well as it forces you to focus on the fundamentals. What I also like is it allows you to get a lot of touches, far more than if you were just playing, thus more touches, translates to better practice, which translates to better play in tournaments!

I hope you enjoyed my article. Give this drill a fair shake and I guarantee you that your volleyball passing form will improve dramatically and quickly.

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