Why Are Volleyball1on1 Camps The Best?

“What Great Looks Like!” (™) – The Volleyball1on1 Playing Standard, Winning Culture, Coaching Standard

Volleyball1on1 Is The Only Summer Camp Which Offers A Scientific Proven Winning Formula Top-To-Bottom For Your High Schools Success On and Off The Volleyball Court! Called “What Great Looks Like!” (™) this Scientific Proven Winning Formula acts as your compass as it relates to how your team looks and plays on the court, the team culture and the staff coaching standard on what and how we collectively teach your players.

“What Great Looks Like!” (™) is based upon the 60-30-10 Rule (by Richard J Hackman’s) and what this means is during camp week we establish and launch how your program looks, plays, behaves and coaches. All you need to do is continue to steer the ship towards your dream season results!

“What Great Looks Like!” (™) – The Volleyball1on1 Playing Standard (Click Here!)

“What Great Looks Like!” (™) – The Volleyball1on1 Winning Culture (Click Here!)

“What Great Looks Like!” (™) – The Volleyball1on1 Coaching Standard (Click Here!) 

We Train You, Your Players and Your Coaching Staff

Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps are the only summer camps to offer extensive training for both coaches and players alike. Not only do we provide personalized instruction to each of your players, but we will educate, you, and all your coaching staff, on how to maximize each team’s full potential.

What differentiates our high school summer camp schedule from the rest is that we build our curriculum around the coach and player. Time will be set aside throughout the camp to teach the coach both with their team, 1-on-1, as well as with the coaching staff during our Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic.

Coaches are given the opportunity to evaluate their own coaching style and demeanor and will be offered feedback and suggestions on how they could improve, where appropriate, of course. The camp curriculum can even be adjusted to fit the coaches needs as they see fit, prioritizing the areas that team and coaches needs the most improvement.

All camps will include the 300-plus page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual, 30 full practice plans, 1-on-1 training, the Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic and more.

We are the only summer camp on the market to offer this service!

We Educate You On Richard J. Hackman’s Incredible – 60-30-10 Rule On Team Effectiveness

60% Of Your Team Success Is Due To "Team Design" and "Team Culture"
30% Of Your Team Success Is Due To "Team Launch"
10% Of Your Team Success Is Due To "Ongoing Team Management"
90% Of your teams success Is determined during camp week and your first few weeks of practice! Let Volleyball1on1 help YOU implement this time tested winning system!

Richard Hackman, a former Harvard psychology professor and the author of 10 books on group dynamics, devised what is known as the 60-30-10 rule, which focuses on how leaders can most effectively manage their teams.

The crux of the rule is that 60% of the variation in team effectiveness is attributable to the design of the team or culture, 30% to the way the team is launched, and 10% to coaching or management once the team is underway.

In implementing Hackman’s rule, we help foster your team culture and launch your season during the camp week, and we will continue to support you over the course of the season.

Essentially 90 percent of what will determine your volleyball team’s success will be covered during summer camp and in the first few weeks of practice. What this means is that Volleyball1on1 will aid in the “60% design” by developing your team culture during camp week. In fostering that tight-knit culture, we will go over your team’s language, behaviors, beliefs, training and practice systems, playing philosophies, and team values.

Upon developing the optimal team culture, our focus turns to the “30 percent launch” phase. Important things to consider include: how players communicate, building trust, goal setting, and devising a system to resolve conflict, defining individual and team commitments and addressing accountability to those commitments.

Alas, we support the coaches with the critical, 10 percent aspect of the team’s management.

It’s often true that, as the old maxim goes, “the solution is simple once you know the answer.” Well, we here at Volleyball1on1 have seen and addressed every possible management issue in the book, and thus we have an abundance of answers and resources that will be of tremendous benefit to you and managing your team.

Volleyball1on1 Camps are Both Team Building and Skill Development Camps in One!

We at Volleyball1on1 believe that championship-caliber teams are not built by accident. It takes proven systems, education and working through specific team-building exercises to foster a great team dynamic. Coaches and players are taught specific tools to foster this team building environment which includes peaking your players together in playoffs.

Beyond being a “Team Camp”, Volleyball1on1 Camps pay particular attention to “Skill Development” by maximizing repetition in competitive, game-like situations where our Volleyball1on1 trained instructors offer structured advice and feedback. Each camp includes one trained Volleyball1on1 Instructor per court who teaches our unique approach to volleyball skills.

Each skill is taught from “Reading the Game,” Slowing the Ball Down,” “Slowing the Game Down,” and “Dealing with Pressure,” a unique approach only available with Volleyball1on1 Camps.

In comparison, a number of camps offered by colleges and universities claim to offer team-building, though more often than not, what you get is a week of games on a college campus – not a bad way to spend a week, but not nearly as effective and cost efficient as Volleyball1on1 Camp. At Volleyball1on1, we take the time to genuinely educate you, your coaching staff, and your players on the various systems and exercises to use throughout the season and address challenges that will inevitably come up. Trust us: You’ll be more than prepared.

One of the most popular aspects of our team-building exercises is our techniques – used by the top players and teams – on how to manage energy: not getting too high after an electrifying play and not getting too low after a rough stretch. A number of coaches have informed us that our training on team energy has been exceptional beneficial and something unique to Volleyball1on1.

For coaches seeking more live, 6-on-6 competitions against other teams and players, I encourage you to consider our 6-day joint camp schedule. This schedule, which is unique to Volleyball 1on1, allows for more head to head competition against stronger players and new competition while still offering the benefits of an individual development and team camp. This camp offers almost 50 hours of camp plus unique camp modules for advanced teams.

Leverage Volleyball1on1 2500 Video Volleyball Coaching Library

Andor Gyulai, owner of Volleyball1on1, has filmed more than 2,500 videos alongside the top players and coaches in the world in both indoor and beach volleyball.

During camp week, the knowledge gleaned from working with the game’s best players is condensed and shared in the most effective method possible to both the coach and players. This includes, but is far from limited to: tips, techniques, tools, exercises, drills, practice plans, and coaching philosophies and secrets used by the best coaches and players in the world.

Additionally, every player and coach will receive a 6-month membership to Volleyball1on1 (valued at $149.95) to support them throughout the high school season.

Focus on Individual and Team Passing - 400+ Passing Reps

Dr. Gilbert Fellingham, a professor of statistics at BYU and a leader in volleyball analytics, conducted a study and determined that passing is the first (3-point pass), third (4-point pass) and fourth (2-point pass) most important skill in women’s volleyball. As such, Volleyball1on1 Camps place an extraordinary emphasis on improving individual and team passing, ensuring that each player will receive at least 400 passing reps per camp week.

“Four-hundred reps is that magic number where me and my staff see change quickly! I have had players literally increase their passing by a full point, going from a two-point passer to a three-point passer in one week. To do this, we break it into two parts. Sometimes, we stand behind the passer and provide constant feedback. (Structured advice and feedback) During this time, the focus is on form and technique. Other times, we stand behind them and limit the feedback. During this time, the focus is on what the players are seeing (Slowing The Ball / Game Down) and just getting their needed reps.” – Shawn Patchell

Volleyball1on1 Camps pay particular attention to “Skill Development” by maximizing repetition in competitive, game-like situations where our Volleyball1on1 trained instructors offer structured advice and feedback. Each camp includes one trained Volleyball1on1 Instructor per court who teaches our unique approach to volleyball skills. The skill of passing is taught from “Reading the Game,” Slowing the Ball Down,” “Slowing the Game Down,” and “Dealing with Pressure,” a unique approach only available with Volleyball1on1 Camps.

During our camps, we build upon this idea and apply it to setter and hitters as well.

For setters, we set aside 1-on-1 coaching time to work on technique, location, set tempo and raising the setter’s “court IQ.” Good setting can often be an antidote to poor passing, and it is just as critical to develop your setters throughout the summer and during camp week.

For hitters, we work intensively on technique, timing, shot selection, hitting a variety of sets, and raising each hitter’s “hitting IQ.” The knowledge gleaned from this camp goes far beyond the week we will work with the hitters, helping them to improve throughout the season and their careers.

* For our 6-day intensive Volleyball1on1 camps, players will get more than 700 reps throughout the week at their particular position.

We Offer The Most Intense Curriculum In the Market

During camp week, our goal is to teach players 70-80% of what they will need to know for their high school season. All schools who work with Volleyball1on1 gain a significant advantage in that their players are primed and prepared to compete as soon as the camp week is finished! Our camps are fast-paced, team-oriented and educational while still offering players quality individual touches.

Players will learn to speak a common language as it relates to volleyball skills, team culture, team dynamics, reading the game, focus, managing pressure, coaching philosophies, practice planning, drills, team energy and much, much more.

We at Volleyball1on1 believe that your team’s language is the bedrock of your program and culture. Establishing this crucial step through our Volleyball1on1 Camp curriculum sets you up for a season filled with success.

Company Size Matters

Size matters! As a high school and club volleyball summer camp provider, we are a boutique company, emphasizing personalized instruction and thus able to consistently deliver a superior product.

We have heard from a number of clients that companies putting on 350 summer camps in one season are unable to update and improve their camp curriculum each year. Additionally, it becomes an arduous task to staff your camps with quality, trained individuals who know your systems and culture.

Volleyball1on1 is large enough to strike the perfect balance between quantity and quality, refusing to sacrifice the latter for the former, ensuring that our instruction is the highest quality.


Intense Staff Training and Planned Camp Curriculum

It is nothing shy of shocking for us to learn that many of our competitors allow coaches with minimal or no volleyball coaching experience to run their youth camps.

All Volleyball1on1 camp staff leaders are personally trained by owner and founder Every single camp staff leader has attended at least one or more camps with Andor personally instructing them. Additionally, all camp staff leaders are tested not only on previous Volleyball1on1 summer camp content and systems, but also on newly updated content and systems, which is refreshed annually.

We are firm believers in a growth mindset, and the need to constantly improve our coaching system. Therefore, our staff, which is comprised of players and coaches from the collegiate level, is consistently learning and growing as well. Each year we add new content and improve the quality of what we offer.

This means each year our camp is better and offers new innovative ideas on coaching and playing the game.

Kaizen - Forget Perfection, Focus on Progression and Compound the Improvement

Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to: “Constant, never-ending improvement.” At Volleyball1on1, we believe that even the best teaching systems have room for improvement. From our experience running camps in 2017, we took away more than 35 things we would like to improve upon in 2018.

Owner and founder Andor Gyulai is still an active coach, constantly learning as the game changes. During the 9 months when Andor Gyulai is not running camps, he is either supporting the summer camp high school and club coaches or working with top coaches and players around the world, filming new content for Volleyball1on1.com.

It’s a simple way of saying that our content and camps are improving with the times, embracing the Kaizen.

Kaizen – Constant Never Ending Improvement!

The OODA Loop: A Better System For Teaching "Reading the Game"

“Reading the Game” has become the biggest change in volleyball coaching over the past six years, and yet it is that very concept that the majority of high school and club coaches struggle to teach and are subsequently the most interested in learning. We believe there is a more effective system called the OODA Loop which is used by the most successful fighter pilot in United States Air Force history to “Reading the Battlefield!”

We have built on the “OODA Loop” using vision training in other sports, which has resulted in new techniques to make the ball seem as if it were moving in slow motion, thus slowing the game down when “reading.”

There is not a single camp or coach teaching this skill outside of Volleyball 1on1, and we’d love to share our knowledge with you!

Go Here to get your copy of Volleyball1on1 OODA LOOP Volleyball Coaching Blueprint – PDF! (25 Pages)

Teaching Players To Manage Pressure

It is far too often that we hear from coaches how their season met its demise by “choking” under the pressure of playoffs.

At Volleyball1on1, we believe a critical aspect of our jobs as coaches is to teach players how to successfully manage the stress of a big match or playoffs. Yes, this can easily be successfully managed with good coaching!

We offer eight proven techniques and systems for managing stress and pressure. These techniques are used by the best athletes in the world and will help players not only excel under stress on the volleyball court, these skills are applicable in life and will help players better navigate the stresses of life.

When you run a Volleyball1on1 camp, your players will be prepared in new proven techniques, exercises and drills to improve focus and effectively manage stress.

It's Bigger Than Volleyball - Teaching Important Life Lessons Through Sports

We believe that sports are so much more than just games and matches, but vehicles for teaching critical life lessons for success. The Volleyball1on1 Camp coaching curriculum and Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals teach and offer coaches powerful tools for impacting players to succeed in life.

Andor Gyulai has worked and partnered with some of the top motivational speakers in the world, including Tony Robbins’ son, Jairek Robbins.

Important tools and lessons include:

  • To create self-directed lifelong learners who strive for Kaizen
  • Teach them how to become better, real-world communicators.
  • Understand goal setting.
  • Teach them how to thrive in competition.
  • Teach them teamwork and dissect what it takes for a team to be successful.
  • Teach attention and focus through volleyball skills.
  • Considering others – compassion.
  • Vision – The most precious and used sense of all.
  • Body awareness and coordination.
  • Tips for dealing with pressure.
  • Critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Public speaking
  • Leadership
  • Perhaps the most important mental and spiritual principal ever discovered is that you become what you think about most of the time. Your outer world is very much a mirror image of your inner world.
  • Tit for tat game theory.

The result: I develop excellent communicative, goal-setting, self-directed, critical thinking lifelong learners who thrive in competition and under pressure, who know how to work as individuals and or with a team as a member or a leader while being fair and considering others.

We also have a little fun: Every camp player learns who Karch Kiraly is and what “Karching,” means. #Karching You would be surprised to learn that 80 percent of high school players have not heard of Kiraly or his voluminous legacy. To alleviate that issue, we share Karch’s advice from his blog to help younger players better understand the game.

Complimentary High School Coaches Clinic

Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary optional three-hour high school coaching clinic with all high school summer camps.

The clinic runs in conjunction with the training offered during the summer camp to help coaches take that next step in reaching their coaching potential. This clinic is in addition to the 1-on-1 training high school coaches will receive throughout the camp.

The Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic is open to all of the guests invited by the local high school coach. The most common feedback we hear is that our clinic is an excellent way to educate your local middle schools, thereby improving the feeder programs and growing the game.

We have also found that this is an excellent way for high schools with club teams to educate all of the club coaches essentially for free.

Volleyball1on1 offers “Lite” and “Full” Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals to attendees. Please plan to review all questions related to additional Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manuals with Andor Gyulai.

Click Here to see a full description of the Volleyball1on1 coaches clinic format and content.

Complimentary 300+ Page Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual

Volleyball1on1 offers a complimentary Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual to all high school volleyball coaching staffs. Would you like all of your coaches to be using the same, proven coaching system? We have done the work and created the systems for you, streamlining and synchronizing every aspect of the coaching system!

Throughout its eight sections, this manual covers everything: Yearly planning, volleyball coaching, skills development, drills, practice planning, player handouts, player coaching cues or keys, and volleyball resources.

The manual is organized as a folder so that we can add to it as we uncover new advancements in the coaching realm.

This manual is only available to coaches who run Volleyball1on1 Camps or “Train the Trainer” Club Coaching Clinics.

30 Full Practice Plans and Ongoing Practice Planning Advice

The ability to plan an effective practice is one of the most important skills in coaching. An effective practice maximizes repetition while placing the players in competitive, game-like situations where coaches can offer advice and feedback.

Volleyball1on1’s 30, pre-planned practices will build your team and teach players vital life lessons while creating a space where players can have fun and enjoy time with their friends.

These practices are organized chronologically based upon skill importance and team needs. We also sit down with coaches and review the practice planning schedule using these 30 practices and help you tailor the practice schedule based upon your team’s and players’ unique needs.

Complimentary Youth Clinic / Fund Raiser

Volleyball1on1 also offers a complimentary fundraising middle school clinic during camp week. This hour and a half clinic is open to all middle school players and can be used as a bridge to build better relationships with local middle school coaches, players and parents. We offer prizes and create a fun environment where players will build a lifetime love for the sport of volleyball. This event can also be used as a fundraiser, in which all proceeds – ranging from $500-$1,000 – can be kept by the host coach and school.

All middle school camp attendees also receive a 3-month membership to Volleyball1on1.com. (Valued at $74.95)

Ongoing Consultation Over The Course Of Your Season

Coaches who run high school Volleyball1on1 Summer Camps will receive on-going phone and email support with Andor Gyulai over the course of their season on an as-needed basis. Described by some coaches as the most valuable service we offer, we will help you manage issues – parent challenges, drill variety and planning, etc. – as they arise throughout the year.

Video Analysis - High School Match Review By Andor Gyulai

Our ongoing video analysis has resulted in, on average, a difference of 3-5 points per set. After three reviews, this improvement jumps to 5-10 points per set. Over the course of the season, these numbers will have a massive impact.

Our video analysis covers a broad range of topics, including:

  • Our team culture of volleyball. Volleyball1on1-coached teams have a very specific playing culture. Video two on the right is a perfect example of this culture.
  • “What Good Looks Like” – Developing a coaching- and match-skill priority list! Gill Fellingham’s scientific studies on volleyball coaching form the foundation for our thoughts on this topic.
  • General technique errors as a team.
  • General technique errors individually.
  • Team passing design by rotation and individual player skills.
  • Serve strategy based upon players’ skills.
  • Team offense design by rotation: We will help you develop a hit / shot effectiveness ratio by rotation and player. We find this helps coaches and setters side out from tough rotations by getting the ball to their best hitter, and that hitter hitting their highest percentage shot!
  • Team defense design by rotation: We will help you design your defense more effectively based upon your personnel. This may mean moving right and left side blockers, changing your defensive systems and more.
  • We teach coaches how to most effectively scout opponents and make subsequent adjustments.
  • Practice priority list based upon team and individual player needs.
  • Advice on coaching demeanor on the sideline.
  • Advice on managing your staff during matches.
  • Advice on team energy.
  • Advice on set tempo and set distribution
  • And much more…..

We also help coaches with scouting during playoffs! We will review with your most important opponents and develop a specific game-plan.

Through video analysis, we will also help players build confidence and momentum before and during playoffs.

See our two example videos from the same team and notice the improvement from early in the season to late in the season. In video two, Andor Gyulai also discusses the Volleyball1on1 culture and standard. See the full descriptions / notes of this review, including coach’s comments and feedback to the coach’s comments at Volleyball1on1.com.

Two videos from the same team, notice the improvement from early to late season! In video 2 above Andor Gyulai also talks allot about Volleyball1on1 Culture / Standard. See the full descriptions / notes of this review including coaches comments and feedback to the coaches comments at Volleyball1on1.com.

Volleyball1on1 Camp Bonuses ($5500+ Value)

As a bonus, we offer high schools and clubs who secure a camp date to work with Volleyball1on1 extra goodies, which are valued at over $5,500.00 for your players and coaches. These include:

– All coaches and players will each receive a six-month Volleyball1on1.com video tutorial subscription membership.
(Valued at $149.00 per player or coach)
– All players will each receive a Volleyball1on1 branded volleyball for just $5 / ball. (Valued at $34.95)
– Coaches will also receive continued phone and email support for six months on an as-needed basis. (Valued at $497.00)
– Each team receives one full match video evaluation. (Valued at $297.00)
– All coaches receive our in-depth, comprehensive Volleyball1on1 Coaching Manual with more than 300 pages. (Valued at $125.00)
– All coaches can attend the custom Volleyball1on1 Coaches Clinic. (Valued at $100.00 per coach)
– All coaches receive 30 complete practice plans. (Valued at $200.00)

Volleyball1on1 Golden Tickets

Would you like to scholarship in or discount in 1 or more players to your camp?
As a bonus, we offer high schools that run 24-player camps one FREE bonus Volleyball1on1 Golden Ticket. This ticket allows one person to attend the camp as a complimentary guest of the coach. One ticket is offered per 24 paying attendees. For camps with 35 paying attendees, two FREE Golden Tickets are offered. For Camps with 42 paying attendees, three FREE Golden Tickets are offered. (Must Have At Least 3 Courts in Gym for 2 or 3 ticket offers)
Volleyball1on1 Golden Ticket attendees receive all standard camp bonuses, including a Volleyball1on1 membership and Volleyball1on1 ball.

Registration is OPEN!

If you are interested in more information, we welcome scheduling a call to speak with you directly to learn more about your needs, provide you with more detailed information regarding the camp and answer any questions you may have to ensure this camp is a great fit for your needs at this time.

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