Logan Tom Volleyball Spiking

18 Dec

Logan coaches volleyball spiking in this series of instructional videos. The fundamentals are shown in great detail for beginners and pros alike.


1. First the player puts their weight on the lead foot to be ready and on time when attacking the volleyball.
2. On the approach begin slow and increase speed to attack with as much power and accuracy as possible. Adjusting to the location of the ball is very important.
3. Speed equals power, the faster the arm swing more power is generated which means players must have a loose arm. Get the arm up quick and high but not overloaded or a strain in the shoulder may happen.
4. Keep the ball in front for the most selection of where to hit the ball. Always have the same contact point when hitting to the line, angle or deep corner.
5. In summary keep the weight on the lead foot, slow to fast for timing and power, arm up quick and loaded, hit in the sweet spot to have all shots possible.


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Logan Tom Volleyball Spiking Coaching Video 1



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