Matt Fuerbringer Blocking a Volleyball

All of Matt Fuerbringer Instructional Volleyball Videos and Drills, 27 on Just Beach Blocking

Matt Fuerbringer recently retired as a professional beach volleyball player after dominating on the AVP and FIVB tours for years. Acknowledge as one of the best beach blockers in the world his series of videos contains 27 instructional videos and drills on the topic of beach blocking.

Matt Fuerbringer Beach Volleyball Blocking

Matt presents a 6 video series on blocking blocking. Having earned a reputation as one of the best blockers in the world, these six videos teach players important concepts on blocking that will forever improve your game.

Matt Fuerbringer Beach Volleyball Blocking Line

Matt shows effective strategies for blocking the line in beach volleyball. This series includes 6 videos and 6 different ways to block the line shot.

1. The basics involve affronting the hitters shoulder and pressing over the net taking away the line and seam.
2. Being tooled is the worst that can happen to a blocker. It is avoided by pressing the outside hand to the line

Matt Fuerbringer Beach Volleyball Shoulder

Keeping the shoulder healthy and avoiding volleyball injuries is a concern for all volleyball players. Matt’s had multiple shoulder surgeries before the age of 23 and shows how to prevent and recover quickly from injury.