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Improve Serve Receive Reaction – Split Step Stretch Shortening Cycle http://www.volleyball1on1.com/improve-serve-receive-reaction-split-step-stretch-shortening-cycle/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/improve-serve-receive-reaction-split-step-stretch-shortening-cycle/#comments Sat, 15 Nov 2014 14:55:34 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=124922 The speed of the serve in volleyball for both the jump float and the top spin jump serve has increased to the point that players have between 0.6 – 1.1 second to react from contact from serve to contact when passing on serve receive.
Given this speed the need to improve player reaction on serve receive has increased. The split step stretch shortening cycle is a term popularized and used in the sport of tennis where service reaction times from serve to serve-receive are significantly faster than that of volleyball. Using the same tennis movement principals, volleyball players too can very quickly improve serve receive with good coaching.
So a few important terms and definitions:
Split Step – The split step is a maneuver performed when you jump up or step forward landing on your toes, feet shoulder width apart as your opponent is about to hit the volleyball from a spike or from serve receive.
Purpose of the Split Step – Being as balanced and prepared as possible to move to the ball at precisely the right time.
Stretch Shortening Cycle (SSC) – A stretched muscle builds tension in two primary ways: through the elastic properties of soft tissue and through activation of the muscle spindle, which causes involuntary contraction of muscle fibers that may otherwise be dormant. This, in a nutshell, is the SSC. Known as a “supercharged rubber-band effect,” enabling us to produce more force once the muscle has been stretched than from a standstill.
After a split-step stretch shortening cycle, a volleyball player’s knees will flex then extend quickly to store and recover elastic energy. This maximizes lower leg drive when accelerating toward the ball.
Slit Step Shortening Cycle Training Technique Tips
Players should begin to initiate the split step as the ball is contacted on serve and once the player know the general area the ball is going.
Players should move up and be balanced and in a neutral position in the air going into the split step.
Player’s feet should be at least shoulder width apart or wider. (Note you should not be too wide or to narrow so that you cannot move easily.)
Players should land with bent knees and in an athletic stance. (This stores the energy in your muscles so you are prepared as possible to move as needed.)
Players should move to the balls of their feet and with heals off the ground for indoor and slightly off the sand for beach. (Never be flat footed.)
Players should initiate the split step once they know the general direction the ball is going. The point is that you are most balanced once you know where the ball is going and you need to react.
Mistake we often see is that people are doing the split step on contact or before contact, often in this situation the player does not have a good read on the ball direction and this is where problems can happen.
Tennis vs. Volleyball and using the Split Step on Serve Receive
Top volleyball players tend to start the split step on serve receive with a step forward in volleyball, while with tennis it’s allot more of a vertical neutral jump up that then leads into the split step.
With volleyball the athletic stance is maintained through much of the serve receive motion while in tennis, athletes are far more vertical before the moving into the split step.
Training Exercises:
Drop sprints where a player drops from a low box and immediately accelerates in different directions is a very effective training method for this move. This exercise can be done in many different ways with a coach initially point in one direction or another with the athlete moving in that direction. Progression can include the coach holding two tennis balls and player moving in one direction or the other and the player going and catching the ball.
Example Videos:
Video with Andor Gyulai (Volleyball1on1 Owner’s) Comments:

Example Video:

Takeaways from these videos”
– She starts with her outside foot forward.
– She takes a step into her split step.
– On contact with the serve, she has a good read and moves into her split step. Notice she does not initiate the split step till the ball is contacted.
– In split step she is balanced, her knees are bent.
– She is ready and in the best possible position to move.
– She moves out of the split step and into her passing position.
– notice her outside foot is forward and she is in a perfect athletic stance and passing position.
Additional points she does correctly after the split step:
– She absorbs the power off the serve by releasing her arms down.
– She holds her passing platform for just a bit after she finishes the pass
– She moves outside and gets in the best position to hit.
– She is bent over in an athletic stance when she starts her approach.
Aditional Examples and Views:

More example videos are being added.

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Free, VB Rags ISLA II Mid Top Volleyball Shoe with Volleyball1on1 Gold Membership http://www.volleyball1on1.com/free-vb-rags-isla-ii-mid-top-volleyball-shoe-with-volleyball1on1-gold-membership/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/free-vb-rags-isla-ii-mid-top-volleyball-shoe-with-volleyball1on1-gold-membership/#comments Sat, 15 Nov 2014 14:11:45 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=127546
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The Biggest Mistakes Former Players Make When Coaching Youth http://www.volleyball1on1.com/the-biggest-mistakes-former-players-make-when-coaching-youth/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/the-biggest-mistakes-former-players-make-when-coaching-youth/#comments Fri, 14 Nov 2014 19:41:24 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=126084 In this brutally honest no holds bar video we go through one of the biggest mistakes former players make when coaching and get honest about adjusting goals and expectations when coaching youth players. This is an insightful new look at WHY WE COACH and why we should coach.
Our job as coaches is more then just winning it is about changing lives and developing people.

Below is the full 17 minute video. “Personally, I feel this is one of the greatest volleyball coaching videos I have ever filmed!” – Andor Gyulai
I would really appreciate your comments and thoughts below on the full video!

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King Kong’s Volleyball Spiking Demo With A Fast High Elbow (Serious Range) http://www.volleyball1on1.com/king-kongs-volleyball-spiking-demo-with-a-fast-high-elbow/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/king-kongs-volleyball-spiking-demo-with-a-fast-high-elbow/#comments Thu, 13 Nov 2014 18:22:11 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=124309 For several years now I have heard from these so called volleyball arm-swing experts that the old ways of spiking a volleyball is not correct and that all players should change their arm-swing so that they can avoid shoulder injuries and spike the ball harder. I have always been very skeptical pointing out that shoulder injuries can be avoided by making some minor tweaks verses changing the entire arm-swing plus the fact that the Old School Fast, High Elbow Arm-Swing gives players better shot selection and results in a faster arm-swing speed which is critical given the changes in the speed of the set and game. Additionally many of these new arm-swing suggestions are based upon mechanics used for baseball and tennis which involve completely different needs than volleyball. See full article.
So this week I wanted to demo a video of KING KONG – Liberman Agamez 2013-14 Season Best highlight in Korea. What I love about this video:
– It shows the range of spikes / shots a player has with a fast, high elbow arm-swing. Hitting from the outside / opposite position you just do not have this range of sharp angles if you hit with a low elbow arm-swing.
– It shows how much power you can generate with a fast high elbow arm-swing. Can you say: “KING KONG!”
– And finally it is just a freakin awesome video that is motivating as hell! :)

Here is a video I did comparing the two arm-swings:

Click Here – To see the Full Article where I get detailed about different volleyball arm-swings and why I feel one arm-sing is better than the other.
Now I am not the only one talking about using this FAST, HIGH ELBOW ARM-SWING. Here are links to Logan Tom (Most Successful Player in USA Indoor History), Brian Gimmillaro (Misty May’s Coach) and Steve Anderson (Gold Medal Coach, Head Coach Beach Volleyball Canada) teaching similar techniques of a fast high elbow!
Here is my (Andor Gyulai) video on the subject:

Also if you have questions on Volleyball Shoulder Injuries, here is a video I did with an expert in the area.

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Club Volleyball Coaches. Do You Need Help with Stats and Video Storage? http://www.volleyball1on1.com/club-volleyball-coaches-do-you-need-help-with-stats-and-video-storage/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/club-volleyball-coaches-do-you-need-help-with-stats-and-video-storage/#comments Wed, 12 Nov 2014 18:23:27 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=123305 test_0001_layer comp 2a.jpg

Does Your Club Volleyball Team Need Help with Stats and Video?
If so, check out Krossover. They’ll breakdown, stat-out and completely tag your matches so you don’t have to. Imagine never having to clip or stat any of your matches, on top of this imagine having a place to store unlimited match and practice video at no additional cost. Simply upload your film to Krossover and let them break it down and store it for you, like your own personal, virtual video coordinator. Krossover is the economical solution for film analysis, statistics and storage letting you and your players focus on your game, not adding stats to it. 

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Karching – Start Karching to Win Today http://www.volleyball1on1.com/karching-start-karching-to-win-today/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/karching-start-karching-to-win-today/#comments Fri, 07 Nov 2014 00:22:09 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=117106 Karching! – To celebrate like Karch Kiraly.

After the US women won gold under coach Karch Kiraly his epic celebration pose has taken the world by storm. To celebrate ProSeries Volleyball Ice Wraps is giving away dozens of Karch Kiraly favorite shoulder ice wrap.
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I found the ProSeries shoulder ice wrap to be the best one I’ve ever used, and I’ve tried many in my 30 years of volleyball competition.”

– Karch Kiraly, Three Time Olympic Gold Medalist, USA Women’s Head Coach


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Full Volleyball Workout Series With Reid Hall (4 Videos) http://www.volleyball1on1.com/full-volleyball-workout-series-with-reid-hall-4-videos/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/full-volleyball-workout-series-with-reid-hall-4-videos/#comments Fri, 31 Oct 2014 03:14:02 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=94993 Video 1

Reid’s Workouts is producing some of the most physical and dynamic volleyball players. In this four part video series you will get access to a full workout that Reid Hall took a small group of 16 and 17 year old female volleyball players through. The four part series will cover the following:
– Foam rolling and lacrosse ball smashing routine that helps prime your muscles to be ready to workout
– Dynamic stretching routine that helps improve your athletes mobility and gives relief to commonly stressed areas of the body
– One of Reid’s Workouts speed and agility routines
– A full strength training routine
– Post workout stretching routine
All 4 Videos are available below for Volleyball1on1.com Members. Sign in to access the videos!
To set up your FREE consultation send Reid Hall an email and specify a few time-slots that would work for you. reid@volleyball1on1.com Consultations can be held over the phone (depending on location), Skype, or Google Hangouts. All programs include free Volleyball1on1 Membership while participating in the program as well as a free Volleyball1on1 ball for 3, 6 and 12 month participants.
Reid Blog Graphic D Reid Blog Graphic C Reid Blog Graphic B
More about Reid Hall –

All Videos are available below for Volleyball1on1.com Members. Sign in to access the videos!

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Personalized 1 on 1 Professional Volleyball Workouts with Olympic Trainer Reid Hall http://www.volleyball1on1.com/personalized-1-on-1-professional-volleyball-workouts-with-olympic-trainer-reid-hall/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/personalized-1-on-1-professional-volleyball-workouts-with-olympic-trainer-reid-hall/#comments Wed, 29 Oct 2014 15:04:48 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=107955
Do you want to receive workout programs from a coach that trains Olympic level volleyball players?
Reid’s Workouts helps volleyball players reach their physical potential by creating workout programs that are designed for their specific needs.
All programs include:
• Access to your own video portfolio that teaches you how to perform the exercises as technically sound as possible
• Strength training routines that align with your goals and practice/competition schedule
• A pre workout mobility routine that helps improve your posture and common imbalances created from volleyball
• A post‐workout/competition stretching routine that will help with recovery and reduce injury rates
• Nutritional support
• Unlimited support by Reid Hall through email, Skype, and Google Hangouts
• Email Reid: Reid@volleyball1on1.com to set up your FREE CONSULTATION NOW!
Reid is a former professional volleyball player and current full time strength and conditioning coach that creates strength training routines for high school, university, and professional level volleyball players and teams. Reid’s extensive background in volleyball and coaching is what separates him from the other strength training coaches. If you want to become a more physical volleyball player, you need a coach that thoroughly understands what a volleyball
player needs.
To set up your FREE consultation send Reid Hall an email and specify a few time-slots that would work for you. reid@volleyball1on1.com Consultations can be held over the phone (depending on location), Skype, or Google Hangouts.
All programs include free Volleyball1on1 Membership while participating in the program as well as a free Volleyball1on1 ball for 3, 6 and 12 month participants.
Reid Blog Graphic D Reid Blog Graphic C Reid Blog Graphic B

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Dynamic Visual Skills and Drills for Beginners – Static Drills with Bill and Ryan Harrison http://www.volleyball1on1.com/dynamic-visual-skills-and-drills-for-beginners-static-drills-with-bill-and-ryan-harrison/ http://www.volleyball1on1.com/dynamic-visual-skills-and-drills-for-beginners-static-drills-with-bill-and-ryan-harrison/#comments Fri, 24 Oct 2014 17:16:03 +0000 http://www.volleyball1on1.com/?p=102693 Drill 1:

This is a series of 5 Static Visual Drills and Skills we filmed with Bill and Ryan Harrison of SlowTheGameDown.com. Bill is a leader and pioneer in the area of vision for sports. SlowTheGameDown has been training athletes for over 40 years. From as early as George Brett (Baseball Hall of Fame) in 1971 to currently the 2013 World Champion San Francisco Giants. Bill and his team have worked with hall of fame athletes in almost every sport! He has been features on every major sports channel and magazine.
“We believe everything you do in sports begins with what you see and we can help you develop superior eye-mind-body reflexes so that your game-speed performance will automatically be enhanced.” – Bill Harrison
Training equipment including the VPX posters can be purchased at www.slowthegamedown.com/
Drill 2:

Drill 3:

Drill 4:

Drill 5:

Intermediate and advanced drills wills be added the week of 10/27/14.

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